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With its soft bouncy design, The Beauty Sponge is latex free, making it perfect for sensitive skin. It is a hydrophilic sponge which is ultra-soft, flake resistant, long wearing and is the ideal tool for creating the ultimate flawless complexion.

It expands with water to make blending easier and absorbs minimum product, so your favourite formula lands on your complexion and not your sponge. Use for blending foundation, baking your setting powder or contouring your cheekbones to chiselled perfection – in fact, the beauty sponge might just be the most versatile tool ever!


  • Latex and scent free
  • Vegan
  • Sulphate and Paraben free

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Refund Information

Due to hygienic reasons the beauty sponge is non-returnable and non-refundable. Any manufacturers defects are considered on a case by case basis. If you feel you have a manufacturers defect in your product(s), please send a detailed email including photos to

How can you maximise the potential of the beauty sponge?

The results when using the beauty sponge are endless as it is an ultra-versatile facial complexion sponge. The double ended design evenly blends makeup for a smooth finish. The fine nib end allows for precise definition of highlighting make up and hard to reach areas.
Use wet with liquids and dry with powders.


A concealer can be applied with the flat pointed side for under the eye area. Sunita would recommend using a pressing motion to really help you cover all those hard-to-reach areas under the eye area.


Contouring is achieved with the flat side of the sponge by applying liquid or a cream shade onto the hollows of the cheeks, in upward strokes, then using a bouncing/ tapping motion to blend out any visible lines for a flawless finish.


You can apply a highlighter by using the flat side of the sponge, then turn the sponge to the pointed side and blend out using a tapping/bouncing motion.


Wet with warm water, then squeeze out the excess liquid so that the sponge is just a little damp before use.
Use the beauty sponge in a bouncing motion, as this method allows the foundation to blend better and makes base products appear as part of the skin.

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