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Lash applicators are designed to assist in the application of lashes and when it comes to applying false lashes, whether it’s strip lashes or cluster lashes, it can be quite an intimidating part of the makeup application for professionals, let alone beginners. However, when it comes to the tool itself, lash applicators offer expert precision and control.

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Due to hygienic reasons lash applicators are non-returnable and non-refundable. Any manufacturers defects are considered on a case by case basis. If you feel you have a manufacturers defect in your product(s), please send a detailed email including photos to

What are the benefits of using a Lash Applicator?

Luxury rose gold lash applicator

Perfect shape!


The lash applicator has a flat outside edge so that lashes won’t twist or turn once gripped (a common issue when using slant tweezers). The longer handle makes it easy to grip and precisely place lashes on or around the lash line. A gentle grip offers just the right amount of tension for precise placement of the lash without slipping or damaging the lash band.

The curved, blunt edge also makes for a safer lash tool around the eye area.

Stainless steel and lightweight, the lash applicator has a luxurious rose gold colour.

Saves time!

Due to the precise grip, it means that it takes even less time when applying lashes. Application can be difficult when applying with fingertips to precisely place lashes, without smudging makeup or getting glue on fingers or around the eye. It’s especially worthwhile for beginners who are struggling to achieve precise placement along the lash line.

Luxury rose gold lash applicator
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