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"How beautiful are these lashes? So far I've tried the Noir lashes and I have to say, they are by far the most comfortable lashes I've ever tried! They are super glamorous, but not heavy on the eyes at all. The lash band is so flexible and comfortable and not too thick like some lash bands. They're easy to apply, especially with the beautiful lash applicator. The lashes are so fluffy and just so beautiful. Can't wait to try the Panache and Allure lashes."

Karen Mann

"Hey sunita!! I found them super easy to apply and they kept their curved shape extremely well, at first I could feel how long they were because I don’t think I’ve worn lashes that long before but within a few minutes I forgot I was even wearing them! They didn’t at all make my eyes water and irritate my contact lenses, which I was worried about because some heavier/longer lashes do that. I literally can’t think of a single fault! Plus the box looks super cute on my lash shelf haha, oooh and the applicator!! It was so much easier and had much better grip than my old Superdrug one. I had both lashes on in literally under a minute, I was shook lol."

Sara Chohan

"I don't wear false lashes often as I find the application difficult and find the lashes too heavy. However the lash applicator by Sunita Jassal made it so easy! I also found the lashes so light and comfortable! I was really impressed by Sunita's customer service when I placed my order as she was able to advise which lashes would suit me best and I am so glad I went with her advice! I love my lashes and applicator! Thank you Sunita"

Shweta Anand

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