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Luxury handmade Cruelty free lashes by Sunita Jassal in style Noir

Introduction to how it all started

Being a professional makeup artist who continuously strives towards perfection, Sunita wanted to ensure she only provided the best of services using the best of products. However, this always came at a very steep price. After much research, she either found the price of existing products on the market to be extortionate or the quality not quite up to her standard.

This is when she decided to launch her very own line of products that were of high quality, affordable and beneficial to not only herself and her clients, but to all working as professionals within the makeup industry. Her SJ PRO Membership allows her fellow makeup artists to enjoy her products at an affordable price along with many other benefits as listed below.

Benefits of a SJ PRO membership

First & foremost, it's FREE!

That's right! Right now, we don't charge you a penny to become a member so you can receive all of the following amazing benefits at no cost. Whether you are a professionally qualified makeup artist or a self-taught makeup artist, there are many perks in signing up to the SJ PRO Membership including:

Exclusive Discounts

Up to 50% off on selected products (minimum order requirement). 

Save even more!

We give you additional discount on sale items so you save even more

Gifts & Promotions

We like to spoil our members with exclusive gifts and promotions!

First to preview

Be the first to preview our latest products before all non-members

MUA Discount Prices

Order a minimum of 20 strip lashes to receive the following discounts:


3D Luxury Mink Lashes

Original price: £10.00   •   Price after discount: £5.00


3D Luxury Mink Lashes

Original price: £15.00   •   Price after discount: £9.00



3D Luxury Mink Lashes

Original price: £20.00   •   Price after discount: £12.00

Other discounts:


The Limited Edition Soiree Collection

Lash Book

Original price: £25.00   •   Price after discount: £17.50


The Limited Edition Rendezvous Collection

Lash Book

Original price: £25.00   •   Price after discount: £17.50


15 Piece Vegan Pro Brush Set

Brush Set

Original price: £44.99   •   Price after discount: £31.49


What is SJ PRO?

SJ PRO provides Makeup Artists and creative professionals with exclusive access to high quality kit essentials at a fantastic price.

Does it cost to become a member?

There is currently no charge to becoming an SJ PRO member though this may be subject to change in the future.

How do I apply to become SJ PRO member?

Please complete the SJ PRO Membership application form here by filling in your details and providing 1 proof of professional identification from the list along with proof of an active social media account. 

What are the benefits of becoming a SJ PRO member?

Your benefits as a SJ PRO member will include*:

  • Exclusive gifts and promotions
  • Priority access to new launches
  • Additional discount on sale items
  • Up to 50% off on most products with a minimum purchase of 20 strip lashes (excluding collections)
  • Exclusive PRO prices

*Offers are subject to change seasonally.

How long does it take to be approved as a member?

You will be notified via email regarding the status of your application between 7 - 14 days of your submission. If your application is not approved, clarification will be given via email and you can reapply at any time.

Where can I use my discount?

Your SJ PRO discount is exclusive online only.

Will my discount apply to any purchase I make?

The discount will apply to all eligible items as listed above.

How will my SJ PRO discount be applied on the website?

Your SJ PRO discount will automatically be applied online to your order at the final step of checkout as long as you are signed into your SJ PRO account. Please be sure to use the billing address linked to your debit/credit card for any online purchases.

What are the terms of use for my discount?

Sunita Jassal Artiste may, at her sole discretion, refuse or cancel any order and limit order quantity. Sunita Jassal Artiste may also require additional qualifying information prior to accepting or processing any order. Sunita Jassal Artiste reserves the right, at any time after receiving your order, to accept or decline your order for any reason. If Sunita Jassal Artiste cancels an order after you have already been billed, the billed amount will be refunded within 10 working days.

May I share my SJ PRO discount?

The discount is non-transferable. Your SJ PRO discount is linked directly to your name, email address and billing address. Sunita Jassal Artiste reserves the right to revoke any SJ PRO membership if it’s suspected that it is being used by non-approved users.

Is there a limit on how many items I can order with my SJ PRO discount?

As long as the minimum order requirement has been met, you are free to purchase as much as you like thereafter.

How do I update my account information?

Please contact for all questions regarding a change in your SJ PRO account information.

I was approved as a member, however my discount is not showing up on my order at checkout. How can I fix this?

You must be logged into your account using the same email address you used when you applied for your SJ PRO membership. Please contact for further assistance if necessary.

I have a question about my order, whom can I speak with?
Will I receive a physical SJ PRO card?

Your SJ PRO membership is linked to your name, email address and credentials, therefore no physical SJ PRO card will be provided.

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